FAQ About Novitil® and it's usage

How long will it be before I see Novitil®'s results?
Generally the first signs of new colouring begin to appear within the first month of daily application of the product combined with sunlight exposure. When artificial UV light is used, the first signs of repigmentation may take longer to appear as these treatments initially need a period of time in which the dose is very slowly increased. When depigmentation occurs on hands and feet it may take up to three months or even more before showing the first signs of repigmentation.

How long will I have to use Novitil®?
Typically, either complete results or substantial improvement are obtained within six months.

How will I know that the product is working?
Not everybody will see the same type of response. It may occur in any of the following ways:

New colour may start from the borders of the depigmented area towards the inside..

Small dots of colour may appear inside the affected area and then begin to expand until they cover the whole area.

The entire spot may change colour starting with light pink, pink, and light brown until the normal colour is recovered.

Finally, it is possible to observe a combination of all or any of the above.

How long will the results last?
Results are permanent. It is not possible to predict if new areas of depigmentation may appear as it depends on the underlying skin condition. The early use of the product would provide optimal results in case of new depigmentation.

Is there anything else I should do in addition to applying Novitil®?
You need to expose the areas of skin depigmentation to direct sunlight, starting at about 5 minutes of exposure and increasing sun exposure by 5 minutes a day until reaching 30 minutes.

Besides exposure to sunlight (or to artificial Ultraviolet light), is there any other physical agent that could be used?
Infrared light (heat lamp), from a distance of 45 to 50 cm, for half an hour after using the gel is useful as a complement. However, it should always be combined with a sufficient amount of sunlight exposure.

I have decided to have Ultraviolet light exposure, would I benefit from Novitil®?
Regular use of Novitil® may be combined with an artificial source of Ultraviolet light (UV) (instead of sunlight exposure). The benefits of adding Novitil® to a schedule of UV light treatment include more complete results and shorter duration of treatment (decreasing amount of UV light, and risk of side effects). Artificial ultraviolet light should only be used following directions from someone who is appropriately qualified, and has experience regarding its use in cases of depigmentation.

Is nutrition important?
Yes, it is. Nutrition is important to enhance the function of the immune system and to protect the skin. A supplement that includes the main vitamins and mineral is important to help the repigmentation process in cases of Vitiligo

Do some areas of the skin respond to Novitil® faster than others?
Spots in the face, neck, chest, abdomen, inguinal, and perianal regions, and legs response faster. Depigmentation on the hands and feet take longer. The tip of the fingers is particularly difficult. In cases where the condition has been evident for many years, response to depigmentation treatment with a duration of many years, response to repigmentation treatment in the hands and feet may be slower.

What should I do if I get new spots in other parts of my body?
Start applying Novitil® as soon as possible, the earlier you use it, the sooner you get results.

How long do I leave Novitil® on the white spots?
Do not wash the treated area for at least 2 hours. Novitil® dries quickly so it does not represent any inconvenience. Leaving Novitil® on the treated areas should cause no discomfort.

What kind of white spot skin problems will benefit from Novitil®?
Novitil® helps the pigmentation system of the skin work naturally so that the skin may regain its normal, natural colour. It will help in most cases of skin discolouration from light white spots to achromias (total loss of pigmentation). The most important cause of skin depigmentation is Vitiligo

When should I begin using Novitil®?
As soon as white spots appear, for the best results.

If I feel a mild itching in the treated areas, should I stop using Novitil®?
No. Some people feel an itching sensation right before pigmentation begins. It may be likened to the sensation experienced when a wound is healing.

Will Novitil® irritate very sensitive skin?
No, it does not irritate or harm the skin.

Does the use of Novitil® produce any harmful side effects?
No. This product has been developed from natural sources and contains no harmful substances or irritants. It will not harm your skin. It has no side effects.

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