I've had Vitiligo for the past 21 years.  I've tried various of Products, but nothing worked.  I bought myself the UVB Narrowband Lamp about a year ago and boy it is the only thing that has helped me.  I can honestly say that this Product worked for me.  I also bought the Novitil about three weeks ago and am currently trying it with my lamp. I can't see any change as yet, but I've heard that this Product is excellent.  I've got quite a database with patients that suffer from Vitiligo and always try and keep in contact with them.  Some of them have used the Novitil and said that there was definitely an improvement.
(Herewith a photo of my arms before and after the use of the UVB Lamp)

                   Before           After


Lorraine Forrester  -  RSA - Posted on Vitiligo Clinic  Site - 13th April 2007

I was diagnosed as a vitiligo sufferer 31 years ago. I started using Trisoralen a light orange capsule.
I drank 2 and sat in the sun 2 hours afterwards. Parts of the white marks started getting brown spots.

However, the sun scorched the rest of my skin pink/red which was very painful.

Then the pill was withdrawn, as it was damaging the liver.Then I started using Lamprene, a brown capsule, same prescription.It also helped, was after a number of years it was also withdrawn, due to the harm it had done to the liver. I had liver tests done and found that my liver is permanently damaged. For the last 2 years I have not used any pills or cream. The vitiligo has somehow stabilized.I am going to purchase the Novitil, as my daughter also has vitiligo.

Thanks for all the usefull info and assistance on this excellent website

Elaine van Niekerk -  RSA - Posted on Vitiligo Clinic  Site - 13th April 2007

Being the 'Ugly Duckling' in the family, I was devastated when I discovered I had the Vitiligo condition. Fortunately I was told about your product through a mutual friend, and  - well its great!! I have about 25% re pigmentation - its summer here in Mauritius and have found that there is definitely a relationship between sun exposure and the application of the Gel. I have found that a dose of light UV light (approx 10 mins) in the morning then a small amount of exposure to natural sunlight (Unavoidable here as there is a lot on sunshine) does the trick. If my de pigmented skin ends up with a very slight pink (I think you call it E1) it is just right and it does not take long before you notice small freckles (when I mention "slightly pink" I mean that after a day or so the skin tone is slightly pink NOT that you should expose yourself until you become pink.). My hands and arms re pigment in a different way to my face - My face is slightly pink then returns to normal pigmentation without first showing small "freckles" - this is rather different to my hands and arms ie my arms and hands start with small freckles which then join up. I have just started with the inside of my arms - three weeks ago in fact - and now there are signs of repigmentation. Any case, just letting you know that it works.

Glenn, Mauritius

Note: Once complete repigmentation has been achieved, it is uncommon for depigmentation to reoccur on the treated area. Typically the hands and feet show a slower response as compared to other parts of the body.


I bought this product for my daughter last year. She has depigmentation spots on the tops of her legs, a small bit on her cheek, and quite a lot on her hands.
Unfortunately, she stopped wanting to go out with her friends. She was constantly aware of these white patches.

One thing I need to say, is that this takes a long time to really see results. BUT THIS PRODUCT WORKS!!!!!!

I am so excited to see some results. We have spent so much money on products in the past. My daughter, Shana, uses this cream - following the instructions to the letter.

For anyone out there with Vitiligo, do yourself a favour, and use this product!!!!

Cynthia Naidoo Durban RSA - Posted on ZCC Site - 19th April 2005

FANTASTIC!!! Being a sufferer of the Vitiligo condition for the last 6 years, I eventually came across a product that does work. I tried the normal herbal, and also ‘chemist cocktails’ that are available, and of course my condition just deteriorated. After two months on your product, my face and chest area have completely cleared, and I just have a few spots left on my hands. I feel great!! I highly recommend this product and will also like to thank Zigzag for the high service levels of your company. All my emails were answered, and your overall support has been exceptional. Denise.

Denise JHB RSA - Posted on ZCC Site - 20th Auhust 2006

Wow, this product does work!! I don't suffer from Vitiligo as such, but did have 'white sun spots' on my arms. I spend a fair amount of time in the sun, and the spots were getting bigger and bigger. I used this product for only 2 weeks and the spots have vanished. Not sure what the association is between Vitiligo and 'Sun Spots', but I am estatic with the result. Thanks!!!!

Debbie Turner  RSA - Posted on ZCC Site - 9th February 2007

"My 12 yr. old daughter has had depigmentaion to her eye lids, side of her mouth and chin since she was 8 yrs.old. Initially, it seemed to coincide with being away at camp for the first time. She had nightmares while away and it wasn't until she returned home when we first noticed her eyelids lightening up. Pehaps it was stess related! Steroid and non steroid creams from our skin specialist did not work! I first learned about Novitil on the computer and decided to try it even though I was skeptical. I have been applying it diligently to her face according to directions for the past month and am so pleased to report that she has over 70% of those areas regigmented, we are sooo glad we gave your product a try and hope that eventually all these areas will be completely repigmented. Thanks so much for this product, I certainly will give this product information to our skin specialist. Once these areas repigment is it possible that other areas of depigmentation will show up?"

Ellen N., Calgary,Alberta, Canada

Note: In regard to Ellen's question: though this is a possibility, it is important to note the following: (1) If other areas of depigmentation showed up, early treatment, as soon as they appear, is particularly effective and tends to substantially reduce treatment time; (2) A Woods Lamp Examination by a dermatologist may help detect affected areas even before they are visible to the eye under normal light conditions. This allows treatment at an even earlier stage; (3) A preventive approach may help reduce the possibility of new depigmentation.

"I have suffered from Vitiligo for most of almost 30 years. It has hampered me like no one would believe. It has caused me to miss out on the most normal of activities out of self preservation of being embarrassed. I hate when people ask me questions. I found your product on the internet. I decided this was it. I was going to think positively and believe this would be the cure for me. I have been using Novitil for about 3 weeks. I am so happy. I have already started to repigment. I am using my Novitil 2x/day as directed diligently. I have noticed after my white spots turn pink, most are not going back to white...they are fading into light brown and, in some places, little brown freckles are appearing. Under my arms, in the white areas, there are larger brown spots that are appearing and even a few that have already started to join together. I have noticed in my white spots, under my arms, on my hips and in my inner upper thighs, the brown colours have schematically taken over...there are areas where there are darker browns flowing with lighter browns and some large dark spots...it's like someone is taking a paint brush and is shading my brown back in! It's amazing. I have had one spot almost completely disappear from my chest! I will continue to report my progress. I thank you for giving me a product I know is working. Everyday, I find myself looking in the mirror and directly self-examining to see what new changes are beginning! It's all too exciting!"

Jennifer, Washington St., USA

"Update: "I was always told there was no medical treatment...so I never received any...there was no hope. There was that PUVA lighting but my insurance company would'nt cover it b/c treatment of Vitiligo is considered cosmetic. My condition would sometimes stay dormant for years and then all of the sudden I would lose pigment in a huge area rapidly. It's just so strange. Also, when I was a teenager, my spots went away entirely, only coming back after childbirth. I have almost always had one or two spots. But, Vitiligo has taken over my body within the past couple of years. As for additional progress, I can't believe how much your product is working for me. I am having dramatic changes with small brown spots, almost like freckles all over my body...in just about every white area...mind you, I have been using your product less than 2 months. I have only been using the product in conjunction with the sun, laying out in a bikini. But, I am going to move forward and start using a tanning bed in addition to the sun right now...and will eventually use that in replacement to direct sun when the weather dissipates this fall. I will continue to keep you updated."

Jennifer, Washington St., USA

Note: (1) Regarding light treatment, many health insurance companies will initially reject treatments for Vitiligo. They may also offer to cover only part of your treatment. (2) It is not uncommon to observe worsening of Vitiligo during pregnancy or after childbirth. (3) When using both natural sunlight and artificial UV light (UVA, UVB), exposure time should be carefully adjusted as directed by a professional in order to avoid overexposure.

"My wife started the treatment with Novitil Gel and although she couldn't do the treatment quite properly because here for us is a transition time and the stress problem persists, nevertheless the results were unbelievable. The repigmentation process of the skin started and continued until the white patches gained the skin colour back. Today the skin regained its colour, except a few very very little spots left that still need treatment. Today I ordered another bottle of Novitil. Thank you very much for this product, because of it she can smile again, she regained the confidence in herself, so she can continue her life to reach her goals."

Eli, Auckland, New Zealand

"I am 46, male and I have been fighting against vitiligo for eight years now. The white spots on my face (around eyes, mouth and on the chin) are that which bother me most. I (must say very skeptically) started to use your product in the middle of July and by the end of the sunny season at the middle of September I gained about two third of pigment back. I am very pleased with results and I thank you for this product. I noticed that without the sun the results are poor or none so I decided to brake the treatment until spring. Am I doing any harm?"

Smiljan, Kranj, Slovenia

Note: During winter, or whenever sunlight exposure is not an option, artificial UV light, if appropriate, can be used instead of sunlight. If this is not possible, the use of Novitil with infrared light ("heat lamp"), and sunlight whenever possible, is recommended in order to maintain continuity of treatment.

"I tried before MELAGENINA (IN CUBA), MELADININE (both oil and pills), BERGAMOT OIL, TOPICAL STEROIDS, PUVA, PSORALEM, GREEN MEDICINE (IN CUBA) with NO results. I'm very glad to tell you that NOVITIL GEL is helping me a lot. In only two months of use I am repigmenting forehead, nose, ears, lips, chin, eyebrows, chest, elbows, shin, other parts, etc. I have not seen results yet in my hands and feet, but I continue to use it every day, as your instructions, and I hope to get pigment soonest. I use the sun during the day and infrared lights at night (250w bulbs) at a distance of 20 inches from the spots. I authorize you to post my testimonial at any place, person or institution that you consider important. Doing so I cooperate with other vitiligo sufferers who do not know that wonderful product."
Lic. Pedro Domenech, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Note: Infrared light ("heat lamp") can be added to any main schedule of light treatment. It can complement but not substitute either sunlight or artificial UV light.

"A week after I received the Novitil, using it 2 times daily I observed the following: At only the 2nd application, I regained the ability to sweat on the large white spots on my fore-head. The hair-loss treatment, which caused these white spots, had due to epidermal damage, shut down my sweat glands. As these large white patches on my forehead are showing a slight pinkish tint, I used a magnifying glass. I could see minute brown spots smaller than human hair beginning to appear in the white patches (...) and now after using your product for effectively around 2 weeks it has improved my extensive Vitiligo. Its as if the whole process is reversing itself. Congratulations, you have indeed a marvellous product. The money was well spent."

B. D., New South Wales, Australia

"I started using your product on 6/23, and already I am noting significant repigmentation. The spots I have are on my face, and they are on both cheeks, over the bridge of my nose. The repigmentation is much more prominent on one side, and all of the repigmentation is much darker than the rest of my skin. Is this common?"

Jonathan, California, US

Note: Message received on 7/19, it mentions an interesting point: new colour may be darker than the regular skin. This is temporary, it invariably gets nicely even to match the normal skin colour.

Update: "I originally tried your product in June of 2001. I repigmented rather quickly, using natural sunshine. However, over the winter, the spots returned in full force, which became quite noticeable when the California sun started tanning my skin in the spring. I restarted in April 2002, using a tanning salon for consistency. I was able to clear the most noticeable spots up by June, when I got married. I kept on with the treatments for the rest of the summer, nearly eradicating the spots, except for a few difficult spots. The treatment held, and now I am planning to restart treatment again, to hopefully rid myself of spots completely. Also…I thought the information may be useful, that treatment in a tanning bed works great, for about 10 minutes a day, every day. The repigmented spots start out darker, but do fade in with time. And continuing treatment even after the spots have filled in seemed to cement the treatment. Also, I am careful to avoid antibacterial soaps or other potentially harmful skin products, and use Neutrogena products exclusively...Your treatment gave me hope and courage to go on, and now I can show my face in public with confidence. Thank you again, so much."

Jonathan, California, US

"I'm just writing to let you know that I'm very, very happy with the results I've had so far with your product. I've attached a couple of before & after shots, in case you're interested. My skin always gets better in the Australian summer season but I have to tell you I'm 'stoked' with the degree of improvement with the combination of summer and your product. I'd like to keep the treatment going over our winter. Could you tell me if the ultraviolet lights are available to purchase in Australia, and if so can you recommend a certain type of lamp."

Bernadette McAlinden, Sydney, Australia

"It was discovered perhaps 15 years ago that I had vitiligo after referral to a skin consultant. I subsequently was diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid (1) gland. Until Novitil came along I had been given steroid cream for a severe itch (2) that I suffered as the skin cells became dormant and I had counselling from some nurses who taught me to camouflage white spots. At the time there was no treatment and subsequently I was discharged. When I returned to the hospital later with a severe advance of the complaint I had missed out on the psoralen treatment and hearing the news recently I was quite glad. I found Novitil whilst looking for information about Vitiligo on the internet. The vitiligo began on my chest and very quickly at the age of 32 my hair began to turn white. Since then my skin has turned white symmetrically over my body last year reaching my knees as if the colour was falling out of the bottom of my feet. Last summer my face went white from the edges in. I have used Novitil with some considerable success on my arms which are now brown on the tops (this is spreading underneath) from t-shirt sleeve level to my wrists. I expected little from my hands. I have spread the remainder over my hands as if washing them each time I have applied the solution and they are now brown with white patches on the back which are closing. My fingers are similar. I began using Novitil on my face at the end of last winter and I am beginning to see results there also. I find that the brown occurs in spots which then join together to make rings these rings fill in and spread out over time even when I do not apply the solution. Novitil also is the first product which I have found which dissipates over active Vitilgo (dark brown areas which I have) and also stops the severe redness I have suffered with on my face after being outside (3). The weather in the North of England does not lend itself to sun bathing. I have found the use of an infra red lamp of some use but in advancing areas already awakened rather than starting new ones (4). Sitting behind glass on a sunny day in winter can be just as good as being outside in the summer (5). I intend to carry on using the gel on my face this summer and I have bought some more feminine t-shirts for the first time in a long while in order that I might start to bring back the colour on my chest and the top of my back (6). At 47 I am never going to be a beach goddess but to be able to wear normal clothes with out being stared at will be a tremendous bonus. I had a man fall over me last year he was so busy looking at my arms. I hope this information is of help to you.

Christine, Bradford, Great Britain

Notes: (1) Because there is a link between thyroid disease and Vitiligo, individuals over the age of 35 are usually screened in order to rule out thyroid disease. When required, thyroid treatment should be properly adjusted and followed up. (2) It is not uncommon to experience itching before depigmentation develops on a certain area. Itching may also precede the beginning of repigmentation. (3) Novitil seems to also have a protective effect that is often noticed by users. (4) Infrared light can be used as a complement but should not be used as a substitute for either sunlight or UV light. (5) Glass filters out some UV rays and because of this sunlight exposure through a window is less effective. (6) In practical terms, for many clients a step by step approach is easier than treating all depigmented areas at once.

"I'm a man, 49 old, who have vitiligo since 13 old, on chest, for-arms, face, hands and feet! Since two years I used Novitil with much success! My face is repigmented at 90%, my hands 50%, for-arm and chest 70% and there is no extension!! I used tanning bed and sun, when I can! I'm very happy, I want to thank Dermabest and his team for their good job! I believe that the secret with Novitil is to be patient and regulate ....I will never give up!"

Jean-Émile Simard, Quebec, Canada

"I've had wonderful results with the treatment, almost the totality of my eyelids has been covered, now I also see small pigment dots on my hands, I truly believe that the product is very good... I forgot to take before and after pictures. It would have been the best thing to do because only in a period of a month that I used the treatment my eyelids are 90% repigmented. In regard to other treatments, I had tried Melagenina Plus, I used it for 2 years and instead of seeing improvement every time I noticed more depigmentation."

H. A. Mora Soto, Tlajomulco de Zúñiga, Jalisco, México

"I've been using your product to treat vitiligo for about three months. I'm getting a good response. I would say 25% of pigmentation is back on my face and neck also around eyes. However, the pigment I'm getting back is noticibly darker. Is this a normal process, in other words, you get hyper-pigmentation and then eventually it will even-out.??? Also, can I use this product with Narrow Band UVB light and how should I use it??...Yesterday, I saw my dermatologist and he was amazed to see repigmentation on my face. I gave him your website address. He said that he will recommend Novitil to other patients."

Anthony Tolsen, New York

Note: New colour may be darker than the regular skin. This is temporary, it invariably gets nicely even to match the normal skin colour. Novitil can be added to any appropriate schedule of light treatment including Narrow Band UVB.

"I would like to say that my vitiligo keeps improving day by day, I have got 70% my pigment back and I think that early or later I will solve its dysfunction of skin. Novitil is helping myself a lot in contact with sun. I would also strongly encourage a healthy diet. I have been in nutrition field for some time already, but I got vitiligo due to a mix of several things together, which I do not know exactly what was the cause. Well, I follow a raw vegan diet, exercise everyday (which you dont need to do heavily like I do but exercise is very important), but I am an athlete and cannot live without heavy exercises, supplement it via dulse, it's an veggie from the sea, which has more than 60 different minerals (www.seaveg.com), eat no starch foods, avoid irritants like onions, garlic, pepper, avoid too much acid fruits and try to eat all organic foods. I do believe that without nutrition and cleaning your system there is no help via creams, all the external cause has an internal origin. All the best for all and I want to see all Vitiligo sufferers heal, like me".

Kristie Carvalho Wagnes Stöfler
Santa Catarina, Brazil Amateur Triathlete
Bachelor's in Law and self student of nutrition for more than 7 years

"I only used the Gel for about six weeks. I got quite a bit of colour back in the knee area and about ten dots on my foot. I was responding well, but believe it or not I got too busy to fit it in my schedule. I started the Novitil the first of August and I have not missed 1 day. I am using a sun lamp and I am responding well. It seems to be working fine without going in the actual sun. I have a question:

1. I have used a prescription bleaching cream on my arms. They did not completely lose their colour. My question is will the Novitil still work? I used the same cream on my hands and they are repigmenting on their own."

R.H., Little Elm, Texas

Note: The answer to this question depends on the degree of bleaching. When it is complete and every pigment cell precursor is killed in the process, then it may not work. In this case the fact that some of the areas are repigmenting is definitely a very positive sign. Based on this information, the answer is yes, it should work for both your hands and your arms."

"I have had good results ranging from 100% to 30% in some areas. I am quite satisfied that in a couple of months I shall have 100% in most of the areas...I am a freelance journalist and a web designer. The way Novitil is going I shall proclaim it the ultimate for all I know and beyond...besides the fact that Novitil is an incredible product for Vitiligo, there is also a lot of dedication and discipline needed to achieve effective and quick results. I have been following the guidelines given with the product which is a must for all users...I have a question if you can help me. I am taking PABA as a tablet form. Do you reckon it slows the process of pigmentation?"

Andreas Adhen, Rhodes, Greece

Note: Oral PABA has been used in the treatment of vitiligo. Some have reported benefit. We do not know if the combined used of ORAL PABA plus Novitil could add additional benefit. PABA was reported to cause vitiligo in at least one case (this was after the ingestion of large amounts of PABA). TOPICAL PABA should not be used because it has sunscreen properties that would interfere with light treatment.

"Up to this date several spots have disappeared on the face and the body, most of the large spots are with plenty of points of pigmentación. Some spots have disappeared in almost a 95%, other I would say that in a 50%... In the hands and feet the repigmentación has been slower…I am very happy with the results I have obtained."

Andrés Blanc, México, D.F., México

"I would like to let you know that I am having excellent results. My face has completely recovered its colour. I will now continue with my hands where repigmentaton is slower."

Christian Olea, Riverside, California, US

"I'm 40 years old, male and after a 3 years searching for any help finaly, I got interessted in your product. 2 month passed since I used Novitil the first time. I noted a change in the taint. I started the treatment on the spots of my hands. The first 3-4 weeks they changed into a rose until pink. Then into a light beige from the out-, to the inside, with lightly darker spots in the middle. Leaving for my holidays 2 weeks back, I had the Gel in my car ( ca. 50 °C). Could you please tell me if the Gel still has its effect? Should I - living in Italy/Florence - keep the Gel in the refrigerator in summer? Or does the Gel still work? I'm excited to continue with Novitil and see its result. So far I can say - I can note a big difference to the beginning of the treatment."

Renato Coppola, Firenze / Italy

Note: It is not necessary to keep the bottle of Novitil in the refrigerator. However, the bottle should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It should be kept in a cool, dry place.

"I am using your product for my vitiligo, with increasingly good results (thank you! I am so pleased!). In my work as a make-up artist I encountered a client who has had loss of pigment around the mouth area as a result of laser resurfacing to get rid of lip wrinkles, which I had to camouflage with make-up. I told her about your product and gave her your website, but also told her I dom't know if your product can repigment an area rendered white from lasering. Is it effective in such cases, where vitiligo is not the cause? It would be helpful to know when recommending your product in my professional capacity would be appropriate... I ordered it two months ago with some scepticism but with the theory of "nothing ventured, nothing gained." In a little over a month of treatment, I noticed the first signs of repigmentation on my face, where I had a white spot that had been increasing before starting treatment, about the size of the palm of my hand, by my left eye. Now it has reduced to less than half that size, and continues to dwindle. A spot on my right arm is filling in with freckles that are starting to meld together. I see daily progress now and it makes me so happy and hopeful. Thank you for this wonderful product -- not only because it works, but because it does so in a natural, non-toxic way, without any side effects. I am thrilled to recommend it to anyone without reservation."

Isabella Radsma, Berkeley, CA, US

Note: Novitil is also recommended in cases of depigmentation after laser resurfacing.

"I have vitiligo under both arms, hips, top of my thighs and hands. I have had good success with my underarms, hips and thighs - more than 50% repigmentation...I started with a tanning booth. I go twice a week for 12 minutes in the standup booth and I find it works better than my tanning lamp…I am inconsistent about applying it when not going into the booth. I am pleased with my progress in spite of my inconsistent method. My hands are not repigmenting and I suspect it is because I use a self-tanning foam to stain them because I am embarrassed by the white patches. It must have some sort of a sunscreen in it."

D.P., Cheshire, CT

Note: Self-tanning products interfere with treatment and make it ineffective. They should not be used while using Novitil.

"In the summer I have achieved good results...I think that the sun is the best method to treat VITILIGO. The pigment has appeared on the face- under eyes,on legs,under arms, and hands. I take Vitamins, Zinc, Copper. I eat celery too because cointains psoralens. I drink herbs as Tinctura Hyperici (St.John's Wort). It will still take time to complete treatment but I am happy that your product caused that I have achieved repigmentation after many years of my disease. I live in Poland and I have written informations about NOVITIL in Polish Forum giving address your firm."

Malgorzata, Gdansk, Poland

"I am a vitiligo patient and have been user of your product for about 5½ month and have good experiences. I have got a big part of my skin pigmentation back at the top side of my right hand and arround one of my eyes. At other part of my hands there has been a smaller part of new pigments. I have a little problem. I Denmark there is only e littel sunshine in this part of the year of the next 5-6 month. I use infrared light, but i don't think it is enough. Can you give me some advice - i don't think it is a good idea to stop now, and begin again in the spring 2003. What about solaria?"

Kjeld Langballe, Billund, Denmark

Note: During fall and winter time Novitil can be added to any appropriate schedule of light treatment including UVA and UVB.

"My son Michael (7,5 years old) is using your product for almost 3 months. Repigmentation % is as follows: - Eyes: 50% - Knees front: at the border of the white spots we see a lot of brown stips (pigment) coming back. The small spots are almost covered but he has a big white spot in the middle and there it is still the same - Knees back : almost disappeared at both sides - Fingers: a light pink colour We wonder when he can't have sunlight exposure (because of the weather), he can use some kind of solarium?"

Michael, Deinze, Belgium

Note: A Solarium is not used in children under the age of at least 9. The feet usually take longer to repigment and in some cases may benefit from a combined approach.

"Hello to all, it's been approximately two months since I began treatment and I already have positive results on my face, on my hips... I am anxious to thank you for this fantastic product, and you are well sure to receive a new order once I have ended this bottle".

Caroline Gordon, Quebec, Canada

"I am from Hungary, but I live in Belgium now. I have used the Novitil since middle of May and I have some nice improvement already (especially on both of my armpits: 15 %, on my left knee: 5-10 %, on my right hip: 15 %, inside of my right thigh 5%). Both of my ankles the spots have not started to repigment. Are these areas the most difficult to repigment?"

Satisfied Customer from Hungary

Note: In general the feet and hands take longer to repigment, the same may also apply to the ankle area.

"I ordered my first bottle of your product about a month ago and like some of your other customers, I was skeptical. I am 51 years old, female and have had vitiligo since my early 20's. Over the years I have tried different treatments with little improvement. After using it for a month or so I am getting brown spots in the larger white areas and some of the smaller white areas are pigmenting all at once. I still have pigmenting to do but I just wanted to let you know that it is working and I am very happy to see results this early. Thanks."

Bonnie, FL, US

"I am currently using your product and have been for about 5 months. I had a pretty advanced case of vitiligo and was told there was nothing I could do. WRONG! Since using Dermabest product, I have regained approximately 75% of my pigment back and it is continuing to improve. I am very much looking forward to wearing shorts and also going swimming again. I have recommended this product to a number of people. Thank you for making this available and I will be ordering more very soon".

C. English, AK, US

"Being a forty eight year old woman who has had vitiligo now for eighteen years I would sometimes get depressed about it. I have lost over 50% of pigmentation all over my body and have tried many ways to regain it, however, nothing worked. That is until I found Dermabest gel. I have been using it now for 4 months and have brown spots reappearing on my face, arms and legs. In fact everywhere I apply the gel. I have been thrilled with my progress and with this fantastic product".

Deborah Rischin, Australia

"I am very happy that I found Your product via Internet. I can use Novitil only once a day and only on my face and hands. (because I do not have enough money at this time I cannot order the proposed quantity), but the treatment is coming quite well. On my face it works more efficiently than on my hands. Thank you for this EXCELLENT product."

Zsuzsanna, Hungary

"Many thanks for your due care...my wife case is very much improved all white spots are no longer white, many thanks for you and for your product".

A. Z., Saudi Arabia

"Talisa finished the bottle of gel... She has about half of the colour back… Talisa and our whole family, are very pleased with the results. I will develop films this week and will send you copies. Thank you kindly".

Sylvia Ryan, Toronto

At first I was skeptical. I had tried many things, you name it..., and I was totally disappointed. Until I tried your product. When I saw the colour coming back I thought I was dreaming, I just couldn't believe it...

 J. Campbell, UK

"This product is incredible. I had spent all kinds of money, on different products, with no results. Then I discovered your preparation. It feels so nice now when I go out to swim..."

J. Alonso, Spain

I feel like I've been given back a part of myself...It's a very nice feeling. I just want to say thank you for this unbelievable result...I'll never stop talking about this product to anyone I know with a similar problem...

Maria Mar, Spain

The more I saw the improvement the more excited I felt. When I looked at my hands and my face, and how they were before, it is difficult to express my satisfaction...I feel happy, happy!! Thank's you guys!

Hilario, Spain

"i really love your product!!! it`s working very well for me - if you could send me some extra info on your product like i was wondering should i put sunscreen first and then your product? because i already have a very light skin. and how important is it to put on at night as well, or can i just put it on once a day before i go out into the sun? and how important is it to put on at night as well, or can i just put it on once a day before i go out into the sun? thanx again"

Johnny Quin, Hsintien City, Hsintien, Taipei, Taiwan

Note: (1) Sunscreen lotions should not be used on the treated area because they interfere with treatment. However, they can be applied on the skin that is not affected. Note that it is always recommended to apply Novitil on the affected areas first, and only then sunscreen on the other areas. This prevents the application of residual sunscreen on the treated areas.

(2) The rationale for using Novitil twice a day is based on the fact that the effect of sunlight exposure on the skin lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Reapplying Novitil provides continuity and improves results.

"I used your Dermabest Gel. It worked really well ! I strongly recommend it. Your Scientists are doing great work out there ! I really just needed it for some red/pink depigmentation appearing on my Lips which went away. Now I need another tube. I need to treat some new red pigmentation spots. I am a man of colour (1) so you can imagine it really stands out and it makes me feel uncomfortable in public. It's Sunny here with Blue skies. It's the time for Water skiing,Speed Boat or Oar rides on Lake Kariba in the South of Lusaka about 100Kilometers from The Int'l Airport, Fishing and the Outdoors. Picture Perfect weather." (2)

Nigel, Lusaka, Zambia

Note: (1) Customers with dark skin types usually ask if their skin type can benefit from our treatment. The answer is: yes, it is actually a plus.

(2) That kind of weather is ideal for treatment.

"I am so thankful to Dermabest … I ordered 3 bottles of Novitil and it worked for me. I had white spots and was told by the doctor that they were "vitiligo"...upon application, the ones on the legs, hands and back were gone quite quickly (4 to 6 mths ie) since I did as required, apply and exposed applied spots to the sun. Now I am getting some new spots on other areas and I want to make sure I have Novitil with me. Stress and worries contribute to sprouts of new spots, in my case. Supplementaries, vitamins are also important. I wish you have an outlet in this Region to help those with "vitiligo".....despite it not being painful, vitiligo can be as damaging, if you know what I mean." (2)

Sherry, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

"I tried your product some time ago for my vitiligo and it worked miracles! I plan o buy some more in the next few months, but as you stated on your site, the vitiligo has not returned in the same places. Unfortunately it has started to show up in new places :( Thank goodness for your product."

Liz, Ukiah, California, US

Note: Early treatment of new depigmentation is particularly effective and helps minimize treatment time.
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