Dermabest® Novitil® Gel

Dermabest® Novitil® Gel


Vitiligo Treatment - Dermabest® Novitil® Gel

Medical Aid: This product is registered with the 'South African Medical Council' and has a nappi code for medical aid claims.

Code: 707403-001

DermaBest® Novitil® is an advanced skin preparation for use in cases of loss of skin pigmentation, from less severe light spots to complete skin discolouration (achromias). It is also used in processes that require a deeper tan. Vitiligo is a relatively frequent cause of skin depigmentation. Novitil is completely safe; it is non-allergenic and causes no skin irritation.

Usage: Regular use of the product and light exposure is of the essence. Repigmentation is a gradual process. Consistency is the key to success. Three aspects need to work together in order to obtain positive results:

1) Novitil®
2) Regular daily use.
3) An appropriate schedule of light treatment: either sunlight exposure or an artificial source of Ultraviolet Light.

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    I am very happy that I found Your product via Internet. I can use Novitil only once a day and only on my face and hands. (because I do not have enough money at this time I cannot order the proposed quantity), but the treatment is coming quite well. On my face it works more efficiently than on my hands. Thank you for this EXCELLENT product.

    Wow, this product does work!! I don't suffer from Vitiligo as such, but did have 'white sun spots' on my arms. I spend a fair amount of time in the sun, and the spots were getting bigger and bigger. I used this product for only 2 weeks and the spots have vanished. Not sure what the association is between Vitiligo and 'Sun Spots', but I am estatic with the result. Thanks!!!!

    I am currently using your product and have been for about 5 months. I had a pretty advanced case of vitiligo and was told there was nothing I could do. WRONG! Since using Dermabest product, I have regained approximately 75% of my pigment back and it is continuing to improve. I am very much looking forward to wearing shorts and also going swimming again. I have recommended this product to a number of people. Thank you for making this available and I will be ordering more very soon.
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