ZigZag UV-B Ultraviolet Lamp

ZigZag UV-B Ultraviolet Lamp


We at Vitiligo Clinic, have spent the last year in the manufacture of our UV-B 'Desktop Lamp Unit'. This lamp has evolved from requests by our customers who have found it to be very effective in the treatment of Vitiligo. This Unit has a 18W UV-B 312nm output.

The lamp has a 'tilt and turn' feature allowing you to direct the rays to your face, or arms without having to move the base around. It is lightweight, and portable.

This lamp is ideal for the user who requires a more 'controlled' treatment. It can be used indoors, and in the office. Treatment times with the DermaBest® Novitil® cream applied varies from approx 30 seconds to a minute, depending on your skin type and the distance of the lamp from the effected areas. UV-B protection Gogs come standard with the unit, and it also includes a 'Count Down Timer' to make sure that the user does not 'overexpose' themselves to the UV-B rays. As this is a support site, we have kept the cost of this unit down to a minimum.

  • The UVB Narrow Band is a “narrow band” of wavelengths centered at roughly 311nm.
  • UVB Narrow Band causes less sun burning or erythermal effect than other treatments and is fast becoming the recommended treatment.
  • Today UVB Narrow Band technology is proving to be very useful in the treatment of Vitiligo.

    UVB Narrow Band therapy has been used in Europe since the mid-1980. There has not been any evidence that it causes an increase in skin cancer. However, because long-term expose to ultraviolet light in general is known to cause skin cancer, patients who choose this therapy should do so only under the direct supervision of their 'Dermatologist'.

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